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What is Lion Punch Forge?

What Does it Mean?

Each artist is a unique individual. Lion Punch Forge believes your tools, jewelry, and customer service experience should be as beautiful and unique as your art.


Lion Punch Forge aspires to Inspire your creativity. We make bespoke heirloom quality tools, one of a kind jewelry, and supplies for your one of a kind art.


Handmade one of a kind jewelry

Design your Heirloom

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Product Release!

After a month of collaborating and planning Lion Punch Forge and Parcel 23 are excited to announce that our antler burnishers will be on sale this

Saturday, February 20th at midnight!

You can Purchase Here

or at Parcel 23

Every metalsmith has experienced setting a stone and having their burnisher scratch or otherwise mar their fine metal bezels. The last thing you want to deal with at the end of a project! These antler burnishers were created with the goal of minimizing post-setting cleanup, thereby increasing your overall productivity and general happiness! 

Each burnisher is fitted with a repurposed knob. The most common material for knobs is brass, but we’ll be working with vintage porcelain knobs, some modern glass knobs, and who knows what else in the future!

Because of the nature of the materials used to make these tools, each burnisher will be a 100% unique item. You’ll also have the ability to really personalize tour burnisher by shaping the tip to best fit your working style!

Antler Burnishers

Handcrafted artisan tools and products

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