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Welcome to Lion Punch Forge
Welcome to Lion Punch Forge



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Coupon Code

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About Metalsmith Collective

Metalsmith Collective has been a long standing dream of ours. A multivendor marketplace for the Metalsmith.  Two years Chris wrote this in a business plan,

"Host a multi-vendor marketplace that gives opportunities to smaller retailers currently selling on social media platforms or small scale websites. Providing exposure to small artisan businesses by providing an online retail solution that allows consumers to shop all artisans on one platform"

We are proud to be on the road to starting this dream. Right now customers can add items from partner stores and check out just once! Your items will be shipped directly to you from each store.  For stores wishing to partner with Lion Punch Forge the only caveat is that the partner stores need to be using a Shopify platform. Partner vendors will be vetted and we will strive to keep products relevant and applicable to the craft.