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Carnelian Cabochons 12mm round

Original price $2.50 - Original price $2.50
Original price
$2.50 - $2.50
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These Vintage 12mm Rounds were procured in an estate purchase. 

The fiery hue of this round carnelian cabochon provides a dramatic and alluring touch to custom jewelry designs; due to its relative hardness, it serves as a great substitute for many softer gems which may often see wear, such as bangles and rings.

Carnelian is a variant of chalcedony that is semi-transparent to translucent in a striking reddish-orange color. This color is made possible due to its iron oxide content and may show a uniform hue or lightly striped. Its name draws from the Latin word for cherry, given the similarity of its shade to the fruit; carnelian is believed in folklore to empower eloquence in its wearer.


To evoke a more gothic aesthetic, pair it with black onyx.