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Welcome to Lion Punch Forge
Welcome to Lion Punch Forge



Ti Tweezy Tweezers

Sit-chu-e zee with the Ti Tweezy

We love our Titanium (Ti) at Lion Punch Forge,  but why is it so special. Ti is largely used in the Aerospace, bio medical industry, situations where corrosion resistance and good high temperature performance are important.


Unfortunately, Ti is also expensive. However, our desire to make tools the way we think tools should be made outweighs some cost considerations.



When we design something new material sciences are a big factor in where we start. the question, "What physical material will be the best for the intended application" must be answered. We want to build tools that last your lifetime.  Durable, quality and enjoyable to use plus having a fun name helps.



For the Ti Tweezy we chose Titanium because it is an extremely durable, corrosion resistant, limited thermal conductivity, and its very light. In fact Ti is 40% lighter than steel but as strong as high-strength steel.



Current market offerings for soldering tweezers are typically steel. The steel varieties are made of several  parts that are welded, soldered or riveted together.

The Ti Tweezies (I giggle every time I type that) are precision laser cut from grade 5 titanium. The one piece construction means no mechanical joint failures. Since Ti has decent spring back properties they will stay nice an springy 

Additionally These multifunctional tools

Ti Tweezies feature:

  1. Rounded polished back for light pushing/ bezel rocking.
  2. A 1/4 inch hex cut out. enabling you to use these your tweezy as a "light duty" wrench for hex drive screw driver bits.
  3. Two options for tips with round notch and without. (round wire or earring post holding.)
  4. Colors ! Ti anodizes easily with electricity in a very controllable way. this means i can control the colors of the tweezy and even make yours look like a unicorn (rainbows).




Pictured here is an example of some of the colors.



These are some of the prototypes i was working on before deciding on the  production design

(Two on the far right)

Product description is as follows:

  • Precision cut from Grade 5 titanium 
  • One piece construction
  • Two tip options
    1. Flat jaw
    2. Cut out jaw
  • Three color options:
    1. Unicorn it! (rainbow colored)
    2. Warm colors
    3. Cool Colors




 Check out our Product Team for more social media happenings.

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