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Welcome to Lion Punch Forge
Welcome to Lion Punch Forge


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  • Paperclip Chain Mandrels
    dezembro 20, 2022

    Paperclip Chain Mandrels

    Mandrels are lovely creations that allow the metalsmith to create uniform shapes. learn how the Lion Punch Forge Paperclip chain mandrels can help you make chain faster. 
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  • Ti Tweezy Tweezers
    dezembro 4, 2022

    Sit-chu-e zee with the Ti Tweezy

    We love our Titanium (Ti) at Lion Punch Forge,  but why is it so special. Ti is largely used in the Aerospace, bio medical industry, situations where corrosion resistance and good high temperature performance are important.   Unfortunately, Ti is...

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  • What the CRAP?
    novembro 15, 2022

    What the CRAP?

    I believe in maintaining a good level of humor in my life. Often times dry is my most favored method of humor delivery. However, occasionally I go straight for overt throat. Enter the Cabochon Reclamation And Pry stick, CRAP stick...

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  • Soldering Stencils by Lierre
    novembro 10, 2022

    Soldering Stencils by Lierre

    For those of you who may not know my smith sister, Michelle of Lierreworks filigree. In my personal and professional opinion Michelle is the next GREAT emerging filigree artist. It is an honor to call her a friend and more...

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