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Artisan Soldering Pick

Original price $60.00 - Original price $120.00
Original price
$60.00 - $120.00
Current price $60.00


We call this wonderfully weighted soldering pick the angry hedgehog

The angry a hedgehog solder pick is an heirloom quality and hand forged from an alloy steel and stainless or titanium. 

Heavier than other solder picks this alloy steel was chosen for is low thermal conductivity or K value compared to aluminum which is commonly used in pick handle construction.

For the user a Lower K value means less heat will be transmitted from the stainless or titanium tip to the handle thus felt heat in the handle-

 Two options 

Simplistically Beautiful: 

A basic hand forged soldering pick with bronze highlights features a stainless steel pick tip.

Artistically Enhanced:

A custom bronze embellished solder pick with additional style and eye catching beauty. These feature a titanium  pick tip.




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