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Meet Jennifer Stenhouse: Product Team

Meet Jennifer Stenhouse: Product Team

A native of Atlanta Georgia, Jennifer Stenhouse currently makes her home and studio in Seattle, Washington. She has been teaching art and jewelry classes, workshops, lectured and exhibited throughout U.S. and Mexico for over 25 years. Jennifer is currently in the process of researching for a book she is writing on the History, Timeline, and Technology of Jewelry Casting.


 At age 12, her grandfather introduced her to photography, design and composition. That sparked a flame for creating that has since grown into a life long passion for art and teaching.



 While attending the University of New Mexico Albuquerque, Jennifer studied printmaking, photography, mixed media sculpture, and art history. Since then her artwork became a sea of sculptural opportunities, and her passion for research in mythology and art history began.

“Ocean Conservancy Series”                 


She began making elaborate sculptural mixed media work. Due to the intimate scale of these pieces she employed the use of small tools and techniques that exists in the environment of the jewelry studio.

At the University of Wisconsin Madison, Jennifer began the use of metal casting, mixed media and jewelry skills. Fred Fenster and Eleanor Moty gave Jennifer the opprotunity to develop a strong base in metals techniques and design, and a better understanding of integrity to one's craft. 

“Ocean Conservancy”, sterling, found plastic, pearl



In 1992 Jennifer began teaching at Savannah College of Art and Design in Foundations and Jewelry classes as elective.

 Due to the strong interest from students wanting to major in Metals and Jewelry, Jennifer proposed and the developed The Metals and Jewelry Department, and served as chair for several years.




“Chasing Coral”, sterling, found plastics, vintage coral 

While in Savannah she also maintained  a small studio in the historic City Market. After Savannah, Jennifer continued teaching jewelry and printmaking in Vermont at the Vermont Art Exchange in North Bennington. Later she would contribute as advisor on studio construction and safety to studios and Programs like Bainbridge Artists Resource Network jewelry studio, in western Washington.

“Erato”, shibuichi, sterling, sapphires, citrine, faience. 




“Cleo” sterling, shibuichi, faience, horn, peridot, sapphire, dentalium 

Recognized as an outstanding educator and known expert in the arena of jewelry casting, Jennifer has more recently teaching at the college and adult continuing education levels. Currently, Jennifer works as a production jeweler for Baleen, teaches jewelry classes and workshops. She is also currently doing research toward a book on the History, Timeline, and Technology of Jewelry Casting, lectures, and articles on the subject.

“Polyhymnia,” sterling, shibuichi, pearl, diamond, sunstone, faience  


Masters of Fine Arts – University of Wisconsin – Madison 1992

Bachelors of Fine Arts – University of New Mexico 1989

Graduate Print making Internship – Tamarind Institute / UNM 1989


Professional & Teaching Experience

North Seattle College, Seattle WA 2016 - present

Baleen, Seattle WA 2016 - present

Outcast & Co. Mirco-Foundry, Seattle, WA 2012-2016

Pratt Fine Art Center, Seattle WA 2001 - present

Danaca Designs, Seattle WA 2009 - present

Tacoma Metal Arts Center, Tacoma WA 2009 - present

Vermont Art Exchange, North Bennington, VT 1997-2000

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 1992-1997

University of Wisconsin, Fine Arts Department, Madison,WI 1991-1992

Elevehjem Museum of Art, UW, Madison WI 1989-1992


Workshops and Lectures

Co-Founder of Little Metal Foxes March 2020

Guest artist teaching a variety of workshops including Ancient, Easy, & Affordable Casting Techniques, Cuttlefish Bone Casting, Setting Up A Home Studio, Let's Make a Ring, Spoon From Scratch, Filigree & Granulation, Etch & Print Jewelry, Patterns on Metal, Stone Setting Techniques, No Solder Stone Setting, Portfolio Preparation.

Pratt Fine Art Center, Seattle, WA. Classes & workshops 2001- present

Facèré, Seattle, WA. Artist lecture 2004

Vermont Art Exchange, N. Bennington, VT. Classes & workshops 1997-2000

Mt. Anthony H.S. Bennington, VT. Workshop & lecture 1999




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