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Welcome to Lion Punch Forge
Welcome to Lion Punch Forge


Handmade Brass Bezel Rocker

Original price $99.70 - Original price $99.70
Original price
$99.70 - $99.70
Current price $99.70

Brass jewelry rocker

Handcrafted from new brass stock and reclaimed knobs At the moment these items are not stocked and will be made as ordered. 


The tips are hand Forged and will vary slightly tool to tool 

There are many different options for knobs and a lot go them are of limited stock due to the nature of reclaimed materials 


Artisan jewelry tools from Lion Punch Forge

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michelle B
what a joy to make art using art

One of the most functional and inspiring tools I've ever handled. The only others in the running are the other Lion Punch Forge tools I've purchased. Clearly made by an artist inspired to make things, not just sell tools.

A beautifully crafted

A beautifully crafted tool. Real pleasure to set stones with this bezel pusher.

Polly Simon
Such a gorgeous piece!

I predict a collection in my future, def need more of these lovely heirloom quality tools! Thank you!

sheryl leventhal

I love this. I have smaller hands and requested a shorter one, and it fits perfectly! The handle is an old brass knob and it looks and feels perfect. Thanks!

S Colette Chapman

Francesca Watson said you won’t be sorry to own the beautiful tools from lion punch and she is correct. Tools often make or sometimes break a project and a professional outcome is assured with these tools. They feel like a true seamless extension of the hand.