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Angry Hedgehog Solder Pick

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The angry a hedgehog solder pick is an heirloom quality and hand forged from an alloy steel and titanium. 

Heavier than other solder picks this alloy steel was chosen for is low thermal conductivity or K value compared to aluminum which is commonly used in pick handle construction.

For the user a Lower K value means less heat will be transmitted from the titanium tip to the handle thus felt heat in the handle-


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anita Craft
Perfect Soldering Pick

I've had my Angry Hedgehog pick about one week now, and I'm so impressed with it. It's so comfortable in my hand because of its weight and the way it's balanced. It easily picks up tiny solder chips for pick soldering, and I'm able to move the solder chips around as needed while I'm soldering. Under extreme torch heat, it continues to feel cool in my hand and never gets weak as a result of the heat. I love this pick and recommend it highly! I think it's probably a one-and-done pick, so that once you purchase it, you might never need another pick.

Dori McClennen
Love a good solder pick

Nice weight to it and the bronze accent made a nice hold. No problem with heat traveling up pick or metal sticking.